There is a very adorable freshwater fish, called Medaka (a kind of killifish) in Japan.
We have established this website to reach you, hoping that we could provide you an opportunity to get to know well about this lovely creature.
Medaka introduced in this website is improved breeds that can be breed at home.
Because of their vitality,
we do not need any special equipment to breed them and they will propagate themselves in every spring.
Medaka has no peculiar smell or whatsoever that fish usually does.

As we Japanese grow up, we have enjoyed its heartwarming figure and swim of Medaka for decades.
Medaka usually inhabits in a clean river and lives in herds.
We had seen tons of wild Medaka in a river neighborhood, however, today, Medaka has been specified as one of the endangered species because the environment that they have lived in polluted and destroyed as a result of the modernization.
Under the circumstance above, people have started to improve the new kinds of breeds and the number of people who breed them at home is gradually increasing.
medaka makes your life extraordinarily
"" will provide you all kinds of information about Medaka, such as its color, figure, feature, and so forth to let you get familiar with this little fish.
And we hope, sometime in the near future, that people from all around the world will enjoy spending valuable time with this lovely fish, Medaka, and we all can share information and enjoyable time with everybody. As we start sharing information through this website, we also hope that we can have a social discussion about species that are facing on the verge of extinction and that we can make a difference.
The distinct features of Medaka are its various colors and its figures.
For example, one of the breeds has a luminous back and another breed has very inflated body just like a balloon.
There is a special methodology to improve its breeds, so called a principal of Mendel, which makes it possible to produce various colored Medaka.
It brings you a great joy especially when you the breeding that you work on turn out to be just as you expect and you will be able to realize the pleasure of the whole breeding process.
Nowadays, we can see some wild Medaka in clean rivers outside of the cities in Japan. Nevertheless, the population of Medaka is dramatically decreasing.
When you are on a trip and see them in the river, please try to make them stay comfortable.

*If you have any questions , you'd like to ask , I'll be happy to answer them.
Takahiro Aoki

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